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"I may be a small piece of leather, but I'm well put together”



Bred from Detroit, MI, Falynn was inspired by her Grandmothers who were impeccably dressed and always ripe with fashion advice. The Essix Experience was created by the vision of its owner to create a safe space for young professionals to express their creative talents through style and strategy. A lover of menswear-inspired clothing, Falynn takes pride in curating a wardrobe that shouts professionalism and confidence as he  has a strong appreciation for quality tailoring & fabrics that feel soft to the touch.

Falynn Essix has a strong foundation of experience in the fashion industry including roles as a Creative Director, Merchandiser, Sales Associate, and Stylist. Her background is rooted in three main areas: creative direction, luxury brand styling, and home organization. 


After spending years in the corporate world, Falynn Essix acquired knowledge and insight into its well-oiled machine, cultivated a rich network of resources and relationships, and understood how to apply his talents and education to build a powerful business.

“Are you styled and organized for the shit you're praying and manifesting?  Let me put together a strategic plan, show you the best places to shop for your budget, then implement your personal style plan with new closet essentials. I’ll help you discover your individual style and illustrate the confidence you possess right now!”


Falynn Essix

Founder & CEO

Pronouns (She/He)

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